Sage – Hit and Abandoned on a Roadside

surgery dog resting

Sara, much like her mother could not turn a blind eye to a dog in need…

Stray Network is so much more than helping cute puppies find forever homes. Our true mission is to help the abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs. The ones others look past or ignore. The one’s that most need our help.

This was the case for Sage. Sage was spotted on the side of a busy road in Memphis by Sara, the rescue founders daughter. As cars zoomed past, Sage was lying in a roadside ditch in the pouring rain, seemingly unable to move.

Sara, much like her mother could not turn a blind eye to a dog in need roadside pickupdespite the rain and being late to work.  Sara slammed on her brakes, pulled to the side of the road and loaded the injured and suffering dog into her car. Seeing the dog was hurt and in pain, Sara immediately drove the dog to the Pet Hospitals – Lakeland, TN to assess her injuries. 

X-rays revealed severe fractures including hips (both sides), legs and pelvis. The result of being hit by multiple cars. It remains impossible for us to understand how people can hit a dog and simply continue to drive and how others, who surely witnessed the event, could not bother to stop and lend a helping hand. We can only estimate the number of hours that Sage lay with her broken body on the side of that road. Injured and suffering, we imagine Sage alone in that rain, longing for help as cars continued to pass her by. 

Arrive at Pet HospitalsThe damage was extensive, beyond the abilities of a standard practice. Sage needed a specialty surgeon to have a chance.  Sage stayed at the Pet Hospitals for four days on intravenous medications to fight infections and control her pain as plans were made to find a surgeon qualified and able to provide the necessary life saving surgery. 


On Monday September 28th, Sage was transported two hours south to Magnolia Veterinary Surgery center in Tupelo, MS where she underwent her first of two surgeries.

At the time of this writing Sage has made it through her first surgery successfully and is recovering. Her second surgery is scheduled for September 30th, where the rest of the necessary repairs will be attempted.Dog Sage after surgery

If all goes well, she will soon be on the road to recovery and can begin to look forward to her new life. A life all dogs dream of and one Sage deserves. A life absent of pain, heartbreak and loneliness. A life where she will never wonder where her next meal will come from, or if she will have a dry place to sleep. A forever home full of love and joy for the rest of her days.

If you can help with the costs of giving Sage a second chance please consider donating to her medical fund.

If you’d like to consider providing Sage her forever home, we encourage you to apply to adopt her, or one of the many other wonderful dogs in our rescue.

Thank you for helping make a difference for the abandoned, the abused, and the forgotten. Every dog deserves a chance at happiness. Our supporters make that possible!