Love’s in the Air – Valentine’s Adoption Event

blue eye puppy

Making Love Connections at Hollywood Feed!

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day, than helping connect some of our foster dogs with their forever families?  We have had a great day at our favorite local Hollywood Feed on Germantown Pkwy in Cordova.

Our Dog Adoption Booth

Valentine’s is about celebrating the love in your life

Celebrate those that are special to you.  We can’t think of anything more special than the love of a dog.  There are few things in this world that are more pure, more unconditional than the love given by our four legged companions.  Time and time again, we continue to see dogs that have been exposed to such deplorable conditions, abused and neglected by their owners, beaten and/or starved to the brink of death.  And yet, these resilient animals still somehow manage to put their faith, trust, and love into the hands of mankind.

So in that spirit, we are committed to finding these waiting-to-be-adopted dogs their Happy-Ever-After’s.  And thanks to the selfless assistance of our volunteer’s, it was a truly amazing event!!

volunteers at adoption booth adopted fur-baby

We even had a visit from Josie, a former Bailey’s Arm’s rescue, we pulled from bite quarantine along with her our pups from Memphis Animal Shelter.  We were so happy to see her and one thing was clear.  She LOVES her forever family and they LOVE her!

another adopted dog

Several other love connections were consummated today

as previously approved adopters came to pick up their new family member.  Both were smitten!  While others got to meet some other adorable pups

adorable pup blue eye puppy

This little sweetie, named Milo, is headed to his forever home today with a family that was just absolutely in love with him!

Enjoy your forever home Milo, you have a wonderful family now.

sweet fur baby

And then we received some more good news…  

One of Bailey’s fosters stopped by, not to have their dog participate in the event, but to let us know they had foster failed  🙂

Samantha, although she didn’t know it yet, had already found her forever home.

Now there’s a happy family!  We couldn’t be more thrilled for Sam, a sweet and gentle Rottie Beagle mix. –>

a fur-ever home found

Many other sweet dogs and pups were on display,

socializing and enjoying a day of fun at the adoption event.  These events are not only a great opportunity to find our pets a potential forever home, they are also a great opportunity for the dogs to get some socialization with dogs and lots of new people too.  In addition, its a great opportunity for our Foster Parents to spend some time with us and meet other Bailey’s Fosters.  We are truly a GREAT big family!!  If you’re interested in fostering or adopting please, let us know and visit our page of dogs available for adoption.

Remember Don’t Shop – Adopt!    Happy Valentine’s Day!!