Giving of Thy Self – Meet Patience

Mom deathly skinny dog

Every dog touches us.  Some so innately, so deeply, so instantly, it’s hard to even put into words.

(Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014)

That is how is how we felt when we met Patience.  A pure and gentle sole, who gave everything. EVERY-THING she had to her pups.

Fur barely covering her weak and battered frame, Patience had literally given all of her flesh and body to sustain and nurture the eleven sweet pups she brought into this world.

Yet in spite of her deplorable condition, she still was instantly loving, kind, and sweet to everyone.  Happy to have a pat on the head or a scratching behind her ear. She was welcoming of our care, both of her and her pups.  And although her body was failing, her spirit and pride held strong.  While the depravity of humanity seems to know no bounds.

Patience, is part of an ongoing cruelty case in the Memphis, TN area.  While we don’t know the details surrounding it yet, one thing is undeniably clear, this poor sweet girl, was neglected and left without food, or even sufficient water for a long, long time

Mom deathly skinny dog

Patience and her pups are now resting comfortably in the home of an emergency foster, where she is getting the nourishment, shelter, and love she so desperately needs, regularly being fed small quantities of a combination of Fromm puppy food, Esbilac, and boiled chicken, so as not to shock her system that has gone so long without food.

While Patience gave of herself and suffered silently without food or care, her puppies never went without, feeding off the very life of their mother.

patience emaciated with puppies

Today, they are all safe, warm, and resting comfortably.

pile of puppies

Patience now has her own whelping box, complete with blankets and pillows where she can focus on regaining her strength and caring for her pups away from the cold, and without the worry of scarcity of food.

(Monday Dec 15, 2014)

Patience was seen by the vet today. Even after a full day of drinking and eating, she is still extremely dehydrated.  Our vet referred to her as a “walking skeleton” and was surprised that she could even be alive given the condition she was in.

The Vet gave Patience 700cc of fluids subcutaneously.  Delivered by injection as 350cc on each side of her back, forming two bulbous humps on either side of her spine.

Within an hour her body absorbed it.  Our vet confirmed she was at deaths door.

We can only say that one thing is for certain; the love and loyalty of a pit bull is unmatched.

This breed should be revered not feared. Patience’s wonderful emergency foster, Miss Debbie, is feeding frequent small amounts of goats milk formula, high protein puppy food and boiled chicken. Mom and pups are being loved and monitored frequently.

If you would like to send formula, food or puppy pads we would appreciate it. Hollywood Feed will take call in orders 901.591.1805 Please say order is for Stray Network Rescue Thank you! Or you can always donate through our website  

Thanks and God Bless. We will post more pics soon, and update this story with their progress.

Welcome to Stray Network Patience, welcome sweet children! – You are no longer strays!