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NOTE: We are a foster based (no facility), all volunteer rescue organization that receives no government grants or funding.

last updated: 9-29-20

A year into this global pandemic, we like the rest of the world are so tired of this virus and the havoc and devastation it has wrought on us all.

The world has changed, and as much as we wish things would return to normal, we recognize that there is now a new normal. As long as COVID exists things won’t be as they were. But we, like you, are adapting.

As long as it takes, we will continue to operate with protocols to help keep everyone safe and do our part to limit the spread of this virus. And we will continue our mission to rescue the abused, abandoned, neglected and forgotten dogs of the mid-south.

We are humbled by the increase in the number of people interested in fostering and adopting during these unprecedented times. Despite these events we remain committed to our mission.

Of course there has been unintended benefits of this pandemic as well. We have reconnected with and found new meaning in the sanctity of home. We have been blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with our families and we have seen the good in humanity, working together and supporting each other.

We have also seen a significant and ongoing rise in the number of families interested in adopting a pet. As rescuers, nothing makes us happier because it means we can help save more dogs and find them loving forever homes.

However, we are still a small non-profit with our only funding coming from you, our supporters. We continue to have limits to the volume of people and dogs we can help. The following, written earlier into the pandemic still holds true and we hope provides you some context and understanding.

last updated: 1-31-21

Due to a continued influx of applicants interested in adopting, we must from time to time pause accepting new applicants in order to process the applications we have already received. Whenever this is necessary we will reopen the application process as quickly as possible.

Please understand, we are all volunteers doing everything we can to make a difference. We are mothers/fathers, husbands/wives with full time careers, families, and of course our own dogs too.

Unlike shelters, all of our dogs are in private foster homes.

As a foster based rescue, we do not operate under a first come first serve model. SNAR will review each application with the intent to find the best suited home for each individual dog.

When you complete your application please indicate if you are interested in being considered for other dogs. We will use this info in the event the one you have applied for has been adopted or is pending adoption. Not all of our available pets are listed for adoption. Once approved, we will provide you with a list of all dogs available for adoption including any not currently listed on our website.

Our volunteers are doing their very best to review and process applications, however we simply do not have the bandwidth to process all the applications received and respond to all the calls / emails and inquires individually.

We are all concerned for each other in these extraordinary times – you, our volunteers, and their families. If you have already applied and we are able approve your application we will let you know as quickly as possible.

We will continue to host individual meet ‘n greets with social distance protocols enforced for the dogs ready for adoption and will resume public adoption events as soon as we are safely able to do so.

If the dog you are interested in has been adopted, your approval will stay active for 60 days.

Stray Network Animal Rescue predominantly focuses on pregnant dogs, nursing mother dogs and their pups, and orphaned puppies. We rescue from very poor areas of the Mid-South. We provide food and veterinary care in the communities we rescue from.

Please consider making a donation to our rescue so we can continue our mission and to serve the communities we rescue from.

Thank you for understanding –
Stay home. Stay healthy. Flatten the curve !

Dogs Waiting Calmly

22 thoughts on “COVID-19 UPDATE

  • Dylan Garelick

    Thank you very much for the clear update. Was wondering what your protocol was. Hopefully will hear back from you soon when things calm down!

    • Mary

      Thank you for all this information. I am so sorry I did not read all of it before I submitted my application. In fact I submitted two apps before reading you should put additional pets you are interested in. I am interested in walker, levee and Domino. Thank you all for the special work you do, especially during these challenging times.

  • Joyce Harron

    I am grateful and understand how overwhelmed you must be and thank you for your clear update… it means a lot to us on this end… typical of me – I didn’t read the update before submitting my app do I was hopeful at that time… but I will stay hopeful that I will match with the right dog at the right time and I apologize for hitting you with another app before realizing I should not have. My apologies

    • Erica L Deininger

      Thank you so much for all you do! Please stay safe! Hope to hear from you soon!

  • stephanie rogers

    Thank you for this information-very trying times. I will be patient although it is hard 🙂 Thanks for all you do! Take care and be safe.

  • Amy Lukasiewicz

    Thank you so much for your update. We look forward to hearing from you when the time is right. Stay safe and committed to your mission. Peace

  • Annamarie Travia

    Yikes! I just completed an entire application and when I pushed submit it completely cleared. We are very interested in Bonnie. Please help. Annamarie Travia 6104250447thank you

    • Cary McGuckin

      Yes,depending on the state and which dog you are interested in as well as their current medical status. Please email [email protected] for more info regarding the specific dog of interest.

  • Shelley Space

    Grateful for all the volunteers and foster mom and dads. We are very interested in Julia, but if not a match, then please consider us for other medium-sized females that are good with cats.

  • Marlee D

    Hi – What is the turnaround reply timeframe once an application is submitted to hearing from you about being considered or not?

  • Maria

    Hi! I submitted an application really interested in Dozer or Diesel if I am a match, Thank you for all you do! Do you know about how long I should expect a response back about my application?

  • Mariann Veverka

    Thank you for the info. Kindly check to see if my application has been pre approved. I appreciate your time.

  • Marcia Elvidge

    We applied for a specific dog but would like to add that we are interested in additional small or medium dogs too. Will you add this to my application or must I reapply?

    Thank you!

  • Gail Cushing

    I apologize for my repeated applications . I have never looked for a dog in line . I appreciate all you do .

  • Donna Scro-Samori

    Thank you for this update. I just put in my application last night and was wondering when I might expect a response. I understand that you are very busy with the significant rise in applications and will be patient. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to hearing back soon.

  • Josephine Pittari

    Thank you for the information and for all you do for these wonderful animals. Can someone let me know what the estimated time frame is for review & approval notification of the application submitted?
    I am interested in Bennie but would be willing to look at other house trained males that are good with other dogs. Thanks again, Josephine Pittari

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